Key Facts

Business ModelPlastics industry
IndustryLeading supplier of extruded plastic sheets with eight factories in Europe
Turnoverca. 184 million euros p/a
Staff complement610
Acquisition dateJanuary 2014
Fund advised by DUBAGLenbach Equity Opportunities I. SCSp

Operational Details

Initial and/or special situation
  • Underperforming asset, high operating losses in all plants
  • Cost-intensive management structure of the holding
  • Lack of restructuring experience
  • Focus on utilization of existing capacities instead of focus on margin
  • Low level of cooperation between the individual plants
Turnaround results
  1. Reverse the loss situation in all plants
  2. Significant reduction of overhead costs
  3. Focus on high-margin and high-yield products and reduction of pure commodities
  4. Development of a new sales approach based on Competence Centers individual target industries

Further Case Studies