Key Facts

IndustryTV and Media
Business modelFull-service TV and film productions provider and operator of one of the largest film studio complexes in Europe, the Coloneum in Cologne.
Turnoverca. 42 million euros p/a
Staff complement155
Acquisition dateApril 2013
Fund advised by DUBAGLenbach Equity Opportunities I. SCSp
ExitThe company was divested to Novum Capital in July 2019

Operational Details

Initial and/or special situation
  • Non-core business of Sparkasse KölnBonn, the former shareholder and seller
  • Image problems due to affiliation to the former shareholder
  • Unfavourable, partly very long-term contracts
  • Lack of flexibility in the company in rapid adaptation to changing market conditions
Turnaround results
  1. Recovery of the previously good reputation with customers and the public
  2. Successful renegotiation of essential contracts
  3. Significant investments in new infrastructure
  4. Flexibilisation and rejuvenation of the organizational structure
  5. Expansion of existing business areas

Further Case Studies