Holzwerke Pfarrkirchen is now called Lignopan

The Bavarian construction timber site presents new branding and website

After the buyout of Holzwerke Pfarrkirchen from StoraEnso, the construction timber production site presents itself under the new brand Lignopan.

Deriving from the Latin Word “Lignus” which translates into “wood” and the Greek God “Pan” – God of shepherds, flocks, woods and fields, the new name marks the beginning of a new era for the company, which is located in Lower Bavaria and comprises roundabout 100 employees.

“Our strategy involves further developing Lignopan into an independent and leading high-quality producer of construction timber (KVH) in the German market. We are confident that we can grow the business to historic levels and that customer satisfaction will increase by focusing on our strength’s” states Christoph Mödder, CEO of Lignopan Holzwerke Pfarrkirchen GmbH.

With the new name also comes a brand-new website, which was designed and implemented by Growth Group AG and can be found here: https://lignopan.eu

Image: Regnauer Hausbau GmbH & Co. KG

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